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The harder the climb the greater the view


“When I came on the retreat I felt like I was a woman in labor, going through so many hardships and inner pain. On the retreat the coaches, the women, and Rivka Malka, became my spiritual midwives. They helped me birth myself. It was so beautiful! I think about it every day since.”


“Coaching has been so incredible for me. We connect on Mondays and this really helps me focus for the upcoming week, as well as reflect on how I’d like to make changes or improve certain areas. Rivka Malka has an incredible listening ear and I truly value the clarity that she brings to whatever I happen to be working on at the moment. ”


“Took this amazing course! Even if you don’t plan on becoming a coach, this class teaches you life lessons that will give your relationships authenticity and a deeper connection to those around you!


I have been a principal for years and this is going to affect every one of my students.”


“I love the clear and open information and am on this class for the second time. There has been tremendous growth in our relationship and I feel reborn, excited after many years of marriage! Thanks loads!”


“We brought Rivka Malka Perlman to South Africa for our Sinai Indaba 2018 event. She is a highly experienced, refined, Torah-true life-coach and healer, who is able to relate to diverse people in the most real and honest way. She is a living example of compassion, understanding and Ahavas Yisroel. Rivka Malka is multi-talented, she has so many diverse gifts to give!”


Wife of Chief Rabbi of South Africa,
founder of The Shabbos Project

“Rivka malka has this amazing way of connecting and reconnecting every woman, of all backgrounds, to HaShem. Just being in her presence makes you want to live a more spiritual and elevated life. I have personally benefited tremendously as a participant in one of Rivka Malka’s retreats and I have also worked side by side with Rivka malka in bringing her retreat to other women. She has a precious light that our Jewish world needs to experience very much. “


Founder of Inspired Jewish Women Momentum trip leader

“Rivka Malka is a uniquely talented and holy woman. She has helped women remove the blocks that they often face, that sometimes seep in very subliminally in their lives. By identifying with them in a somatic way, identifying perhaps where they manifest themselves in their lives today, she helps them remove the blocks in a way that is very restorative and very natural. Many women feel very stuck in their lives and they are not sure what they are doing wrong. They internalize a sense of guilt and move away from a sense of self-acceptance. Rivka Malka really helps you find that love and that self-acceptance that Hashem really wants you to have in order for you to be able to fulfill your life’s purpose”


I am so thankful for the last week coaching training. It was so beautiful to spend three whole days with ladies who are caring, trusting, and loving. This was a personal experience that I never before experienced. I felt so present and real and able to be myself!! 

Thank you so much and may Hashem bless you to continue bringing growth opportunities and allowing people the security to be themselves!!

At the retreat i walked in so angry at Hashem for giving me so many different obstacles to handle…..was angry that I didn’t have the supports I needed…..I left grateful….and found new women who have supported me , and they only knew me for 3 days… amazing is that…so now I am trying to connect, to bring Hashem to me……I decided I  need to do the work not the other way around……

Amazing, revitalizing, inspiring, rejuvenating, breathtaking, captivating, soul searching, creative, mesmerizing, adventurous, elevating, fun and unbelievable! I could go on but I want to leave a few adjectives for others. Thank you for everything you did for us!!! When’s the next one???

-Susan Stern

Rivka Malka and her redemption team are human angels on earth each here with gifts they use in different ways to heal. This is not a retreat for Kiruv or a cult.  This retreat is the beginning or a continuation of your personal and collective journey of healing and redemption of spirit. Come exactly as you are to connect to yourself, your spirituality and to other soul sisters. If your heart is open, you will leave touched by inspiration to use as you will thereafter. For me, it has only been positive and good.


Just want to thank you for an awesome coaching workshop. It was an incredible first time experience to learn and gain new knowledge. I also loved the group exercises. It empowered me to open up and share my life from an honest place. It was amazing to step off my pedestal and lead in a whole new way.

My biggest takeaway is the value & challenge in listening without an agenda; to truly try and see the person behind the words.  I loved the asking simple yet powerful questions that just guide a person on a journey.

What  a powerful and effective training. I love how you bring Torah into each session. I love that you give us concrete exercises to do NOW so we actually move ourselves forward. I have never learned so much in such a short time! 

I really transformed to a place of acceptance at the retreat.  By accepting,  I’ve been able to connect better to Hashem and daven differently.   I’ve replaced my anger and upset at a situation to really seeing hashem in all this and grateful for His gifts and walking me through things.

Rivka Malka, thank you again! I eagerly look forward to continuing my journey of self discovery and understanding – really understanding – how to bring out another’s inner light.

I’m so excited for this dream to become an even bigger reality for you and all the women and families you have lifted up.

I’ve been sharing my deep admiration for the course ever since I started.

The classes were very special and each one of them, both the recorded ones and especially the live ones, were truly inspiring! I feel privileged to be part of the group! It is a z’chus to have joined The Redemption School!

The unicorn story she shared in this Monday’s class is sososo amazing and really inspired me to see and think about inner child work in a different way.